The Best Equipment for Each Flyff Fantasy Class

Flyff (Fly For Fun) is a fun and exciting online game that has been played for years. Players create their characters, known as classes, and then explore the world, fight monsters, and complete quests. In Flyff, there are various classes, each with its unique abilities and strengths. To enhance the gameplay experience of each class, having the best equipment can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll discuss the best equipment for each Flyff fantasy class.


The Blade class in Flyff is known for having excellent physical attacks. It is advisable to equip a weapon that strikes with one-hands such as a Sword or Axe to maximize their damage output. Having a sturdy shield for their offhand is an excellent option to reduce damage received. Top choices for Blades are the Forneus Blade or the Chaos Sword. A prime shield to consider is the Saint Guardian Shield.


Knights are well-rounded defensive fighters, able to withstand heavy damage and deliver a counter-attack. A two-handed sword or a one-handed sword with a shield is their excellent choice for weapons. The Bloody Two-Handed Axe and the Bloody Sword are popular weapons for the Knight class. To help a Knight keep standing, a sturdy shield is a must-have. The Elemental Warrior Shield or the Vitality Guardian Shield are the top choices to protect from heavy attacks.


The Jester, much like a Knight, can equip either a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon with a shield. But instead of the blunt trauma of a sword, the Jester relies on piercing or critical hits. For their weapon, a Yo-yo is an excellent choice for this class, especially when paired with an accessory like a Rippin Yo-yo or a Slayer. For protection, a sturdy shield such as the Elemental Jester Shield or the Vital Jester Shield can help keep a Jester alive.


Rangers are masters of long-range combat in Flyff. Because of this, the Ranged class favors bows, crossbows, and guns. They are capable of hitting multiple targets. Therefore, it’s best to find a bow with high Critical Damage that will prevail over the enemies. The Elemental Bow or the Crimson Bow of Slaughter can be an excellent choice for the Ranged class. A decent gun option would be Galestorm or the Rapid Fire Gun. To make sure the Ranger can avoid taking damage, they will need to wear lightweight but sturdy armor. The Trailblazer Set or the Titan Set is necessary for Rangers.


The Elementor specializes in magic and uses wands or staves to cast spells. The Elementor should equip a wand or staff with a high amount of magic attack power. The Elemental Staff, Crimson Staff of Slaughter, and the Crystal Wand are the top recommended weapons for this class. It’s advisable to wear armor with high magic defense flyff Fantasy due to their vulnerability to physical attacks. A top choice for the Elementor is either the Mekaron Set or Elemental Set.


The Psykeeper is well known for their use of mental attacks and abilities to control monsters. They also specialize in using wands or staves. Like the Elementor, equipping a wand or staff with a high amount of magic attack power is significant. The Elemental Staff, the Queen Staff, and the Glorius Wand are the top recommended weapons for this class. The Psykeeper is best protected with armor with a high magic defense. The recommended armor is the Aegis Set or the Reflectic Set to avoid mental attacks.


The Mercenary is the primary melee fighter in Flyff. They use a one-handed weapon such as a Sword or Axe with or without a shield. The Yoyo and Knuckle are also popular choices of weapon for Mercenaries. A Blood Yoyo or a Vital Sword will do the trick in equipping a Mercenary. Choosing an armor set with high melee defense is recommended to keep the Mercenary’s health up in combat. The Blade Set or the Snatcher Set are excellent choices for the Mercenary.

In conclusion, having the right equipment is essential to succeed in Flyff Fantasy class. The proper weapon, shield, and armor will not only enhance a player’s performance but also increase their chances of survival in the game. Choosing equipment based on the unique abilities and strengths of each class is the secret to achieve the desired outcome in Flyff.